Terms of use


IKAROS SA (henceforth IKAROS) is committed to protecting the privacy of everyone visitor to his website. Please take a moment to read privacy policy so you can understand how we use and protect the personal information you provide to us. The references in this policy privacy: in “Website” they refer to the website www…. , in “we”, “we”, “our” refer to IKAROS SA. This privacy policy only covers processing that takes place with the collection of data through the above website. Other websites accessible via links on Our website is not covered by this policy. If you have any questions about this policy please contact us at email address ikaros2@otenet.gr


Our website may collect personal data in the following ways
cases: a) when the visitor / user registers in any of the
available applications such as e.g. newsletter b) when you visit its pages
and/or enters any promotional / advertising programs c) when
uses the website environment to communicate with IKAROS
and d) when an application is submitted with your biographical information for coverage
of an available job. The main personal information possible
to be collected with the consent of the visitor / user are the following: Name –
Surname – email – Telephone – Address – Postal code – City – Country – Profession – Age.
At the same time, it is possible to collect, store and use them
and other types of personal data of the visitor / user, concerning between
others in information related to his computer as well as visits
its, and its activity, on this website or linked applications;
including its own IP address, its geographic location, its
type and version of its browser, operating system, source
of his referral, the duration of his visit, the pages he read and the
navigation corridors on the website or connected applications (more
related in another chapter of this policy).
The collected data is used for the following purposes:
(a) managing the website and its applications and functions,
(b) to personalize the website and its applications for the user,
(c) if the user’s consent is provided, to be sent to him
updates, notifications, promotional material and general news about its activities
ICARUS. In such a case, the user will have the possibility at any time to
inform the website that you no longer wish to receive such updates.
(d) to manage the website inquiries and communications originating from, or
refer to users of the website or its applications, as well as to
the website and its applications are kept secure.
(e) To collect, manage, evaluate and select applications to fill positions

(e) Finally, data collected according to the above may happen
processing for statistical purposes, traffic interpretation, origin
visitors and audience preferences etc. Such processing takes place only in
depersonalized basis, of a statistical nature, in such a way that it is no longer with
no way to make any such information specific
Legal basis of processing
IKAROS processes your personal data as a rule at your request
initiative and based on your consent. Provided your consent this
revoked, any such processing will cease. By exception, processing
of personal data may take place for law enforcement purposes
interests of our company.
It is noted that exceptionally, from the fact of your navigation on the website
data necessary for its management and operation are also collected
our website, its security, as well as for its personalization in relation to
the user. By navigating our website you accept the collection and
this processing. Through the privacy settings of your browser it is possible
to be able to customize this collection and processing.
Data receivers
IKAROS does not share your data in any way and will not
transfer or make available in any way your personal data and
information to affiliates, third parties, commercial or business partners;
without your prior information and consent, except in cases where
referred to herein.
The personal data of users/visitors may be transmitted to
third parties, if this is necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes
processing. With your consent to the processing of your data
you accept the transmission and processing of these by IKAROS. In case
such processing is subject to the terms of this policy and you retain all
rights you have in relation to the processing of your personal data.
The personal data of users / visitors may be transmitted to
third party companies (processing), which provide IKAROS
communication services and act on our behalf. The companies in question will
take the same personal data protection measures as our Company
and process the data only in the context of our express and written instruction.
We always take care and check our partners so that they receive the same
personal data protection measures with our Company as relevant
processing which can only be implemented in the context of express and written
our command.
IKAROS may share such data with public authorities, in the contexts
compliance with legal obligations. Also, the company may be forced to
share your data upon binding order of public authorities or prosecutors
authorities or in compliance with a court order or equivalently binding act.
Retention time
The data is kept for as long as is necessary for its fulfillment
purpose of the processing and in any case for a maximum period of time

five (5) years, unless a different period of observance is imposed from the current one
current legislation.
Data relating to your inquiries and communications will be retained for as long as
time is necessary to process your requests and however not
more than one (1) year.
The data concerning your subscription to a newsletter will be kept
until we receive a request to deactivate your registration.
The data relating to your CV details for filling a position
work will be retained for the time periods described below
in the “Privacy Protection Policy”.